shí kāi niǔ shù kòng



重量: 1.0吨
产地: 中国江苏苏州
品牌: 时开纽数控
电压: 三相 380V
气压: 0.5~0.8Mpa

Sj-260r is a servo drive with closed-loop control system and high-precision rack and pinion transmission. It can adjust the running speed according to the user's needs within the safe range.

The basic functions of this preferred saw are: 1 End to end, 2 Fixed length cutting, 3 Scribing and cutting (scar removal), 4 The machine can automatically measure the length of the workpiece and intelligently calculate the sawing combination to achieve the highest yield. It is applicable to many sofa factories, furniture factories, pallet factories and various wood processing factories. It can not only save labor, but also reduce the wage expenditure of skilled workers, which can be operated by ordinary workers. At the same time, the cage sawing assembly greatly ensures the safety of workers. The special design can adapt to different harsh working environments, and the equipment can continuously maintain stable working performance; And the operation interface with operation Wizard makes it easier for users to operate;

Accurate statistical information of equipment work makes it easier to manage wood supply; Through the MES software of the production office, you can remotely view the equipment status and processing information, and the production process is more clear at a glance; There are many sawing modes for different plate requirements

The combination of multiple optimization methods and conventional fixed length sawing into one equipment can be applied to the production and processing of all kinds of linear wood and furniture materials.

In the preferred sawing, the time for workers to select materials and size calculation will be completely liberated, and the profit will also be significantly improved; Because the operator only needs to do one thing one by one, and the other work is automatically completed by computer calculation

Having easy to learn, easy to use, simple and high-precision multifunctional wood cutting equipment is the development direction of wood sawing in the future. At the same time, intelligent equipment is a direct solution to reduce manual participation and automation integration. The flexibility of the equipment improves the working efficiency of workers, reduces the workload of personnel, and improves the use satisfaction of customers.

Equipment size: 6166 (L) * 1036 (W) * 1710 (H)

Processing material size:      Length: 3100 (L), width: 120 (W), thickness: 80 (H). Different specification combinations cannot be cut to all limit values. Refer to the capacity range for details.

Control system:   Independent research and development of control system (without third-party service), support customization and free function upgrading.

Imported laser sensor.

Computer configuration: 3.3GHz + 4G + 128G SSD + WiFi + LED display

Servo parameters: absolute value servo, no need to return to the origin. Moving speed: 60000mm / min

Feeding servo: 750W + cutting servo: 850W

Spindle parameters: 3000rpm, 4kw

Cutting system: accurate fixed length cutting with variable speed and stroke, suitable for linear wood strips of different materials and hardness.

Saw blade specification:   Inner diameter: φ 25.4, saw blade diameter: φ< 455mm, common specifications 455mm, 405mm, 350mm

Equipment weight:     1500Kg

Voltage / frequency / power: three-phase 380V / 50Hz + protective ground wire 5.8kw

Suction port:    Φ 100*2

Air pressure:     0.5~0.8Mpa, φ 10 trachea

Lubricating oil:      Hv32








加工材料尺寸:   长:3100(L),宽:120(W),厚80(H),不同规格组合不能切到所有的极限值,具体参考能力范围。

控制系统:   自主研发控制系统 (无需第三方服务),支持定制,免费功能升级。


电脑配置:3.3Ghz + 4G + 128G ssd + WiFi + LED显示屏


送料伺服:750W +切料伺服: 850W



锯片规格:   内径:φ25.4,锯片直径:φ<455mm,常用规格455mm、405mm、350mm

设备重量:   1500Kg

电压/频率/功率:三相380V/50Hz   +保护地线   5.8Kw

吸尘口: Φ100*2

气压:   0.5~0.8Mpa,φ10气管

润滑油: Hv32